Human vase

The “Human vase” is a painting describing the three stages in a human’s life.

It’s more like the “Evolutional paintings” presented in one of my previous posts but in a more concentrated way.

It depicts a flower and its three stages of evolution – just like humans.

The details –  I won’t share with you since I guess you can all see each of the three stages.


Human Vase, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm.


The Sunday Artwork reveal: Sunrise

Good evening!

Tonight I have a painting with no story behind. It’s a simple painting showing the sunrise.

Honestly there is no story behind this. I just woke up one morning thinking that I want to illustrate the transition from the nights’ darkness to day’s light.

And on top of it there is a fairy. Yes – and she is sitting there and enjoying this wonderful view from a flower.

That fairy I wish it was me and I  also wish that I could sit on the flower and enjoy every sunrise.

That’s it. No story behind. Cheers!


Acrilic on canvas , 80 x 60 cm.