My Collection “Dreams, feelings and faith” is now at Galleri Randers



Dreams, feelings and faith

Cardboard paintings 20 x 25 cm ca.
This collection defines dreams, feeling and faith.
From the dreams man has to the feelings man develops and at last to the faith man will be choosing in life.
The dream keepers are the ones holding fast to the man’s dreams.
The feelings are the masks the man puts on in order to get through life.
The faith is the choices man takes in life dependent on his own dreams and feelings.
From left to right:
  1. Dream keeper night
  2. Dream keeper day
  3. The fortune teller
  4. The Jocker

The Sunday Artwork reveal. My housse

I once dreamed how my ideal housse would look like.
Not the classic architecture, not the style, not the perfect symetric windows, not the straight lines… nothing of this kind has really impressed me.
My house is a mixture of thoughts, feelings and secrets.
It’s a clear architectural line of dreams and emotions.
It has been built with bricks of memories and it is still under Construction.
 I am the only one holding the key to it and the only one WHO knows how to get there…
Where’s your housse?
Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.