A place for my art

I finally found a place to exhibit in Randers, Denmark.

At Galleri Randers which will hold its grand opening on the 1st of February 2017.

This means that my weekly art reveal can be seen in reality there.

More on Galleri Randers here:



Are you ready for tomorrow’s art reveal?




So…it is time

So it is time for the weekly Sunday art reveal by A Sleepy Spirit Art!

And it is actually time itself I will be talking about in this post…

Have you ever imagined how time looks like?
Any idea how it can present itself? Beneath the common face of each clock…
It should be quite a busy gentleman running around the World.
The beholder of the light and darkness, the beholder of every beginning and every end, the beholder of all of our clocks…. tic tac tic tac tic tac…


Acrylic on cardboard, 50 x 50 cm.

A Sleepy Spirit Art is on Deviant Art

A Sleepy Spirit Art is now on Deviant Art:


Follow my art and stories also there!

And to celebrate this – I share an extra bonus art piece before the event on Sunday! 🙂

The featured image: Drawing on A4 paper, “The Forrest Witch”.

She is the forrest witch. The only one who knows everything around the magic forrest!

She check’s carefully every corner of the forrest with her crystal ball and her entrusted friends. She is a wise and good witch – no worries! Her name is: … not known…She can’t remember it  either…



The Fortune Teller

Can you guess what’s behind her mask?


Can you guess what’s behind her mask?

Sadness… happiness… hard to say…

But she can guess what’s behind your mask at one glance only!

She is as silent as the moon on the night’s sky but she can guess faster than the spees of sunlight.

She has runes on her dress…you konw…

Acrylic colors on cardboard, 20×25 cm, 2009. Frame is optional.

A Sleepy Spirit Art

A Sleepy Spirit Art is more than art. A Sleepy Spirit art is the art of thoughts ,dreams and feelings. A Sleepy Spirit Art has its own artistic way. It is not changing to fit the current times, its not created to fit with the furniture in your living room, its not created in order to look good on walls, it is not following any classic and traditional artistic rules, it does not belong to any artistic current, it is not created to fit with the concept of art galleries. A Sleepy Spirit Art is a concept.

A Sleepy Spirit art is created for the souls of the people who can see beyond the colors and the shapes and dive in into the deep symbolist meanings.

A Sleepy Spirit Art is also for sale for those who are interested.

Below a representation of myself in this world:

“Ligia”, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 50 cm.

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