About taking the right decision 

Sometimes it is quite hard to make up your mind. Generally… it can also happen when you know what you want but not sure about the right way of getting there.

There’s always this small doubt cloud that comes above your head and makes you re-think a bit the decision made.

However you move along with your decision. And then impediments happen… some of them you can jump over, some of them you can try to avoid and while struggling you get again the doubt cloud over your head. Have I taken the right decision?

You shake the thought out and think – but I’m half way there! So you keep on moving forward.

Then other factors come into the picture. Time – for example. Getting there by doing this will probably take more time than expected.

You get in doubt again. It would have taken less time if you’d have made another choice.

Afterwards you remind yourself the arguments of taking this decision and move forward again.

Finally you get there. The road was long and the struggle hard. And probably where you are right now turns out not to be the place you expected or maybe it is?!


The balance between chaos and order

We have both in our lives and no matter what we cannot experience one without the other.

Chaos creates unbalance, challenges and puts us in the position to fight for regaining control.

Order settle things, gives us the control back. However it is a temporary state. It won’t be order forever. 

It will always be treathened by external factors which will create an unbalance. And so the chaos re-creates itself.

It is a cycle and we experience it every day in everything from personal life to work, society, politics and so on.

Both states are good for us because from chaos we learn how to gain control and from order we learn how to structure things. 

Each chaos state helps us create a more advanced order structure since we gain experience through each fall. 

Each order state that we re-gain is the proof that we can go beyond our limits and we never give up.

I Need time for this

So I am sitting here in the bus this morning trying to recover what’s almost lost. My time for drawing.

I need time for this. And I know I mentioned once that I am working on promoting A Sleepy Spirit Art again but never kind of happened.

This is because I don’t have the time.

But from now on that’s it.

I will start again. 

I decided to post all my sketches and  drafts of the original paintings and talk about them.

I don’t even know if someone reads this blog. So What I do now it is for me. I’m building up a small refuge from reality. The place I used to go long time ago and I lost in the meantime.

I still holding on to A Sleepy Spirit Art’s concept. That will never change. This is my art, my world, me.

Human vase

The “Human vase” is a painting describing the three stages in a human’s life.

It’s more like the “Evolutional paintings” presented in one of my previous posts but in a more concentrated way.

It depicts a flower and its three stages of evolution – just like humans.

The details –  I won’t share with you since I guess you can all see each of the three stages.


Human Vase, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm.

The Sunday Artwork reveal: Sunrise

Good evening!

Tonight I have a painting with no story behind. It’s a simple painting showing the sunrise.

Honestly there is no story behind this. I just woke up one morning thinking that I want to illustrate the transition from the nights’ darkness to day’s light.

And on top of it there is a fairy. Yes – and she is sitting there and enjoying this wonderful view from a flower.

That fairy I wish it was me and I  also wish that I could sit on the flower and enjoy every sunrise.

That’s it. No story behind. Cheers!


Acrilic on canvas , 80 x 60 cm.



Life through children’s eyes. (The evolutional paintings)


First reaction of these three paintings: ”WTF is this?”

Normal thought indeed …but listen here what they are supposed to mean!

I can remember when I was little the first drawings I could ever make was a house, a face of a man made out of digits and a cat made out of the eight digit.

I can clearly remember how my grandfather taught me how to draw these basic figures.

Now, after all these years – I tried to put a little more profound meaning into these figures and realized that I can actually represent a human life in three stages by using them.


Here’s the story behind it – one thing to keep in mind when you look at the paintings – you are in a mind of a child. Never forget that…what you see – you perceive through the mind of a child:

  1. The simple house – represents the Childhood. The basic geometric figures we first try to draw are pointing to the basic things we first learn to do in life. The house as a whole depicts the child’s very first universe. The house where we are born, it is the first world we are living in. The painting is also very simple and it lacks professional skills. However – that it is exactly how it should be!
  2. The face of a man made by digits – represents Adulthood. Why? Because in this painting the child puts a little more effort in defining something. Depicting the face is like depicting our personality traits. The digits used in defining the face bring also the rational into the picture. The rational defines Adulthood along with all our feelings and life experiences. The painting is a little more advanced in technique, though it still has some flows and spots. This means that this stage of life is still under development and the flows are the mistakes adults are learning from throughout their lives.
  3. The cat made out of the eight digit – represents the Old Age. What can we say about this painting? Well I guess most of you would definitely prefer this one because it has a more advanced technique in it, it has no flows and it tends to perfection. (Remember drawn by a child!). It represents the old age where humans become wiser, have life experiences and they are ready for the next stage of their life after death. The eight digit is also a special one since if turned around it actually symbolizes infinity. That is where we tend to go after this life is over – towards infinity. We can also analyze it after the cat which is also known as having more than one life. This means that after our death we will still be living our lives through our descendants.


Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, with frame.

A Sleepy Spirit Art.