The sleep metaphor 

Or how can we call it better?! Our biggest fears revealed while sleeping through our dreams.

This sketch is trying to present a mixed set of feelings and emotions related to sleep.

It is not the deepest drawing that can reveal this complexity but it is an attempt.


From sketch to painting: “My housse”

As I promised in an earlier post, I will present the sketches of some artworks.

The story behind my “housse” is presented and it can be summarised here:

My house is not a house of bricks is a house of thoughts and feelings.
So, here it is… The beginning of this painting. 

The queen, taking a break

Tired.. very tired… I just need a moment far from everyone around this kingdom.

Faces, Voices, fake smiles, opinions, pieces of advice, valuable information…all of them must disappear for this moment to take place.

And I know that is almost impossible, unachievable and too much to ask for.

I therefore take this moment inside myself and close down everything around me.

I will be a queen again after this moment.

Now I am just me.

From sketch to painting: Mr. Time

I am trying today to post a more in depth analysis of the art I make and give the viewer the possibility to see how my work evolves.

What I usually do is I draw sketches with ideas and these sketches are being turned into paintings.

For example “Mr. Time” a painting featured earlier on this blog, has its basis sketch.

Initially, the idea behind the original sketch was too visualise the unexpected figure behind the mask. The sun itself. 

It was intended to give the sun human attributes. Somehow portrait this celestial element into the human character.

Then I started painting and it suddenly occurred to me that instead of a mask the “sun” can hold a clock. It all became quite clear afterwards – the sun, walking on the moon, reflecting its light. I was painting time. I added the contrast day-night on the background and there it was.

Mr. Time. The beholder of seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, ages.

It was a sudden switch of direction of which I am myself quite impressed of.
PS: I might consider continuing these series “From sketch to painting…”. It is kind of “behind the scenes…” But for art.

The actress…

Seconds.Noise. Voices. Whispers. Suddenly. Lights. Scene. Curtain. Silence. Feminine. Figure. Colour. Rhythm. Passion. Intrigue. Fire. Masks. Tears. Sunshine. Hope. Love. Misery. Depressed. Rain. Cold. Dark. Loss. Imperfection. Disappointment. Fight. Strength. Storm. Victory. Sunrise. White. Dress. Rainbow. Flowers. Summer. Sea. End. Applause. Steps. Darkness. Unmasked. Walking. Reality. Snow. Lips. Chasing. Life. Phone. Him. Around. Together. Maybe. Coffee. Again. Forever…